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Q & A article on A.I. Breeding (click here).

NOTE:  Our breeding season officially ends July 15th, due to the fact that our shows start then. In some special circumstances, we will ship semen or breed on farm after that date, depending on our whereabouts.


Stud fees and all other charges are due before the mare leaves our farm.

Board is $10.00 per day.
Box stalls and tie stalls are available.
Pasture available for extended stays – rates vary.

Owners are responsible for all Veterinary fees accumulated by the mare during her stay.

Palpation: $14.00
Ultrasound: $35.00
Uterine Culture/Spec/Exam: *upon request
Post Breeding Antibiotic Treatment: $24.00

Requirements: Mares must be vaccinated for the following before arriving at our farm.

~ Tetanus
~ Rabies
~ Flu/Rhino
~ Strangles

Mares must arrive with a Vet certified clean uterine culture.

Mares coming on farm must have a coggins test current within 6 months.

We reserve the right to reject any mare who does not fit these requirements, or on the basis of breeding soundness or behavior.

All breeding on the farm is by artificial insemination.

Mares may be picked up immediately after ovulation and pregnancy checked by the owner, or they can stay with us through Ultrasound (approximately 16 days)

Guarantees:We do not offer live foal guarantees, but we do guarantee conception for the current season.  If the mare does not conceive by the end of our contract period… we will carry the service over to the next season or transfer it to another mare.  We must, however, be informed of the mare’s pregnancy status by the ending date of our contract.  If the mare absorbs or aborts after this time, we are not responsible

NOTICE… Due to the recent tragedies and their involvement with the airlines, we are uncertain as to the effects it may have on us in regards to shipping unaccompanied semen containers from counter to counter. We hope to have all concerns ironed out by the start of breeding season and will keep our customers informed when we have pertinent information.


Q & A article on A.I. Breeding (click here)

FEES: Current stud fees and a $200.00 container deposit (as outlined in our contract) are due with the completed contract before any semen will be shipped.  Shipping fees will be deducted from the container deposit and the remainder will be returned to the mare owner when business is completed and all containers are returned.  Container deposits will not be returned until ALL containers are returned and all insemination forms are filled out completely with names, numbers and breeding dates.  We cannot complete stallion reports until we have all this information!

COLLECTION AND LAB FEE: We are now charging a $25 collection fee per every collection.  This covers semen analysis/evaluation, packaging, supplies and transportation to the delivery service.

SHIPPING FEES: US Air – $62.00
Fed Ex – $45.00 – $50.00 (priority overnight) $10.00 extra for Saturday delivery and some holidays

Some other shipping choices are available on request (ex: UPS) Call for more information.

COLLECTION SCHEDULE: Each horse has a different collection schedule depending on his individual needs. Be sure to call well in advance to find out your stallion’s schedule.

We require 24 hours notice as to when we have to draw your collection.

SEMEN SHIPPING CONTAINERS: The Hamilton/Thorn Equitainer System is our container of choice. We have 72 hour (11 pounds), 48 hour (8 pounds) and disposable models available.

SEMEN EVALUATION: Every sample of semen shipped out is evaluated for concentration and motility before it leaves. Normal procedure is to include 1 billion spermatozoa per insemination dose. We always send 2 insemination doses in each container.

REQUIREMENTS: Aside from requiring the contract and all fees prior to shipping, we do require that a licensed Veterinarian perform the insemination procedure. A Certificate of Insemination is included with each shipment.

GUARANTEES:  Same as with on farm breeding.

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