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Welcome to Pennwoods Equine Products, Inc, makers of Pennwoods Equine Supreme!

We don’t just make Pennwoods products, we make, use and swear by them… as do thousands of other horse owners.  Every horse on the Pennwoods Percherons site was fit on our products, whether for show, sale or just the general care of our breeding stock and young horses.  Our products are a special blending of vitamins and minerals formulated to bring out your horse’s full potential.  These products will utilize to the fullest extent, the natural vitamins and minerals that your horse is getting from normal rations of hay and grains, allowing you to gradually reduce the amount you are presently feeding. If you have tried our products, you know they work.  If you haven’t … don’t you think it’s time?  Join the team that has been working for so many successful horse operations!

“Trying to improve the quality of your horse’s life!”

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about any of our products or your feeding program.

PO Box 385 
Centre Hall, Pa. 16828 
e-mail Pennwoods

Pennwoods – Improving the quality of your horse’s life

There are less expensive supplements on the market for horses, that supply the bare minimum requirements of vitamins and minerals, but we strongly feel you horses need… MORE

Our products have been especially designed with our own draft horses in mind, including products that boost energy, weight gain, muscle building, coat condition, foal growth, lactation, fertility, immune systems and overall condition. Every one of our products has been professionally blended to furnish your horse with exactly what they need… no more and no less. 

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